Anemia In The Elderly

The elderly people with anemia can be have a high risk ,they must be treated in the hospital. Anemia occurs when the ability of grain to bring oxygen to the blood is reduced,because of defisiensi from red blood cells that carrying components, that's named haemoglobin.

Lack of iron in the food and experience bleeding or blood in the body are two things that become the main cause of anemia cases.

" Identification of anemia in the elderly is an additional health problems. Doctors should use their expertise to conduct clinical tests and make the decision of a cause of anemia," said Dr. Bruce F. Culleton from the University of Calgary, Alberta as spreaded by Reuters on Monday (03/07).

In reports that published in medical journals, Culleton and colleagues to use information obtained from the database Calgary, to investigate the relationship between anemia, hospital treatment and death and more than 17 thousand patients are 66 years old or more.

This study is carried out starting from 2001 to 2004 where the range in the time of death occurred in 1983 and 7278 hospital cases (treated in the hospital).

While the death rate in average five times is much higher among the elderly who has anemia. Results are the same in patients with anemia over the age range of 80 years which is also included in this analysize.
anemia in elderly
Anemia is also associated with the possibility of multiple three times risk larger and for elderly it must be treated in the hospital. (rtr /