How To Treat Anemia

Anemia, iron defisiensi can occur when the amount of iron is absorbed to meet the needs of the body is too small. Anemia occurs in slowly caused by several factors, namely physiological factors, factors patologis and nutritional factors. Anemia defisiensi iron has several manifestations and clinical manifestations in the mouth cavity. To uphold the right diagnosis dati iron anemia defisiensi ,the laboratory examination is required. Laboratory that conducted the examination ,includes complete blood count the examination, blood apusan edge, serum iron, total iron fastening capacity, serum feritin, bone marrow aspiration, and others. Various treatments that can be done to eclipsed anemia defisiensi iron with increasing consumption of iron dati food and fortifikation iron, iron therapy, and the cause of bleeding. When done with care as well as possible anemia and iron defisiensi have a good prognosis.

The lack of an adequate supply of iron, most commonly caused by bleeding, because the cells-red blood cell (RBC) itself is storage iron in the body. In the women, anemia, the lack of iron is generally caused by menstrual bleeding , even normal menstruation can supply the iron for months and result in iron deficiency anemia is severed.
Like other diseases, anemia treatment should also be directed at the cause of the occurrence of anemia. For example,
anemia caused by bleeding in the intestinal bleeding that we have to stop to prevent anemia's continually.

How to treat anemia
If necessary, surgery can be done in certain circumstances.
Supplements of iron needed in the anemia caused by iron deficiency .
Giving vitamin B12 injection is needed to correct anemia pernisiosa.
Blood transfusion is an option for anemia that is caused by severe bleeding.